Learn Simple & Effective Self Defense in a Friendly, Family Atmosphere

Coolum Wing Chun is proud to pass on authentic Wing Chun kung-fu. We provide a friendly, family atmosphere on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in which to learn this unique martial art philosophy.

Wing Chun is unique in that it is based on developing “thought force” (or intent), and combining this with relaxation and proper body structure to provide a powerful and effective means of self defense. There is an emphasis on relaxation of the muscles to allow one’s body and skeletal structure to withstand great force as well as deal with attacks more freely and easily. Thus there is little to no emphasis placed on brute force or strength, and great emphasis placed on technique and principles of movement.

Wing Chun is a true martial art with ever increasing levels of depth depending on the skill of the student. It is based on technique, but more importantly,  has underlying philosphies based on science, simplicity and directness. We are sure that once you experience this style of Wing Chun for yourself, you will be hooked for a long time to come.

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Benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Womens self defence

Simple & Effective Self Defense

Wing Chun is a style of Chinese kung fu that is based on scientific principles and the underlying concepts of simplicity, directness, efficiency, practicality and minimal use of strength. It combines these principles and concepts to create a unique close quarter combat system which is is characterised by simultaneous offense and defense. Wing Chun furthers this by implementing focus, stance, proper structure and relaxation of the muscles in all movement, which helps develop the art into principles of movement and a way of thinking. This allows the body to revert to it's natural state, allowing the skeletal structure to function as it should. When natural joint rotation, focus and proper technique are used, they allow the practitioner to overcome brute physical force with skill and technique, without relying on physical strength. Thus, one does not need to be extremely fit or physically strong to learn and apply Wing Chun. It allows effective self defense for people of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness.

Improve Your Posture & Body Alignment

Our style of Wing Chun promotes the development of "thought-force", or intent, along with the raising of the spine, and the relaxation of the muscles. When these attributes are developed, your body can return to its optimal state of alignment, and the skeletal structure begins operating as it should. This allows the joints of the body to open and begin moving freely, and in this state they can maintain a strong structure that can both absorb and repel great physical force. Proper alignment of your spine can help reduce muscular tension in the body, which in turn can alleviate physical problems such as back pain, joint pain, weak core strength and general muscular pain from age or injury.

Create Greater Awareness, Connection, Focus & Co-Ordination

Wing Chun places great emphasis on the development of “thought force”. In easy to understand terms, this can be thought of as developing intent or focus in each movement we make, and initiating all movement with conscious thought. This makes Wing Chun unique in that there is a strong emphasis on developing awareness, not only of one’s surrounds and one’s opponents, but more importantly, awareness of one’s self. It is through developing this awareness that we aim to achieve greater relaxation of the muscles and raising of the spine. This allows a connection between mind and body to be developed and nurtured regularly. When one nurtures this, an increase in connection and co-ordination is developed. It also allows for the refinement of speed, reflexes, focus and concentration, and will create many other benefits for you along the way.

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Enjoy Training in a Friendly, Family Atmosphere

As there is little emphasis on brute strength or use of physical force in Wing Chun, there tends to be little ego involved in our club.  At Coolum Wing Chun, we pride ourselves of having a friendly, family atmosphere in which respect is shown between all students and teachers, no matter what level they are. As our style of Wing Chun also places a strong emphasis on building awareness of one’s self, we have also found many students to be open-minded and open to learning new concepts, and sharing this knowledge with their peers as we help each other to become better at our art. We believe in passing on our knowledge openly and honestly, as it was passed on to us, and look forward to helping you improve on your journey into Wing Chun.

Flexible Training Times to Suit Your Lifestyle

Coolum Wing Chun currently offers classes 5 days a week, and has both daytime and night classes. As we also train full-time students, we know there is bound to be classes that fit in with your schedule. We have flexible training options as well, allowing you to train from once per week, up to eight times per week (12 hours per week). Private lessons are also available, so there’s bound to be a time that suits your schedule.

Kid’s Classes Available – Little Dragons

Coolum Wing Chun has Little Dragon’s Classes available for your child. The program is designed for kids between the ages of 8 to 13 years of age (though we can accept younger students who can demonstrate concentration, focus, and a natural disposition with hand-eye coordination). The program has been specifically developed for kids to provide self-defense skills, fitness, character building and self-discipline. We have found it also benefits kids by helping their self-confidence to grow, and increasing their levels of focus, concentration, awareness and respect.

Women’s Self Defense Classes Available

We provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for women to pursue their training in the art of Wing Chun. As our style has little emphasis on the use of brute strength or the use of physical force, it is as easily applied by women as it is by men. With a reliance on technique, awareness and relaxation, many women are more naturally adept at Wing Chun than our male students. We also have women only classes available based on demand.

Train with High Level Practitioners on a Regular Basis

Coolum Wing Chun is a proud member of the Australian Wing Chun Federation (AWCF) and Queensland Wing Chun Association (QWCA). As such, we are privileged and honoured to be able to train with some of the best exponents of our art both here on the Sunshine Coast, as well as abroad in places such as Hong Kong and New Zealand. As members of the Chu Shong Tin Alumni, we have been blessed with the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong, and have had the honour of training with some of his top students both here and abroad. Through the QWCA, we have workshops on a regular basis (check our Events page for details of upcoming events), and are grateful for the assistance and teachings of Instructors from Adelaide, Sydney, New Zealand and elsewhere, many with over 30 years’ experience in our art. Their generosity of spirit in openly sharing their knowledge helps us, and can help you, develop your Wing Chun to its fullest potential.  

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Kind Words from our Students

Stu has an impressive grasp of Wing Chun principles, and is able to share them in a friendly, casual and fun manner; he’s a great teacher and creates a supportive learning environment for all students.

Stu creates a fun atmosphere for all involved, yet still manages to pass on great insights into our art at every training session. Having helped him with the Little Dragons classes as an assistant instructor, I can see he also provides the kids who train with us a classroom in which they actually enjoy learning, and grow in confidence as a result.

Instructor Stu has been an amazing teacher and has helped me gain a better understanding of Wing Chun with patience and care.  He openly shares his knowledge to students at all levels, and it’s great to find someone who is so willing to share their knowledge in a simple and easily understood manner.

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