Instructor Stu Leake

Stuart has had an interest in Wing Chun from a very young age. From the first time he saw Bruce Lee, he knew Wing Chun (Bruce’s Base for Martial Arts) was the Martial Art he wanted to pursue, although it took a long time to find a good Teacher. Stuart has been studying Wing Chun with Sunshine Coast Wing Chun since 2006, and studied Branko’s Wing Chun for 8 years previous to that. He truly found his spot when he started Wing Chun with Sunshine Coast Wing Chun under Sifu stuAndrew Withford. Stuart has completed both a Certificate 3 , Certificate 4 and a Diploma in Sports Coaching, specialising in Wing Chun Kung Fu and a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing  . He also holds a Blue Card , Current First Aid and  is a fully qualified Instructor registered with the QWCA (Queensland Wing Chun Association) and The Australian Wing Chun Federation, as well as a proud member of the Chu Shong Tin Alumni.
“Wing Chun is a way of life for me, and will be something that I pursue until the day I die.”


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