Little Dragons – Kids

$ 90.00 Little Dragons per Month

Saturdays from 10am – 11am.

Ages 7-13

Coolum Wing Chun’s Little Dragons is a training program designed for kids 8 to 13 years old. The Little Dragons program has been developed to provide self defense skills, fitness, character building and self-discipline in a training environment created especially for kids.

Why is it beneficial to kids?

Wing Chun is effective in developing confidence, self-discipline, respect, focus, concentration, awareness and self-defense skills.

Why is it preferable to other martial arts?

Wing Chun is designed for realistic self-defense. Children are most likely to be bullied or assaulted by someone larger and older than them. Because of our non-reliance on brute strength in defense and counter-attack, our students are able to effectively defend themselves against opponents many times their size.

Our techniques are simple, fast, sharp and effective, and are aimed at ending any situation as quickly as possible.

Wing Chun does not encourage fighting or violence. Where possible, students should attempt to resolve conflicts through non-violent means.

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